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We specialize in Autos on Video

Real Video

UAutoBee is an exclusive provider of AutosOnVideo. AutosOnVideo has changed the industry standard for both new and pre-owned vehicles by providing unlimited Video for a monthly rate. By using  dealers are able to give consumers what they want—videos of vehicles they are interested in that they can view, post, and share in the same way they view, post, and share all the other videos that hold their interest.


UAutoBee is an exclusive provider of CMYAuto. CMYAuto is a simple video tool that allows the user to shoot segmented video, join the sections together, chose either music, silence or personal voice over. Post the video and send a link to a customer. All without plugging their Smart Phone into a computer. Works great as a Video Lead Responder, follow up after the sale, educating the customer as to the functionality of a feature on a vehicle and much, much more.