Car shoppers today are far more likely to engage in vehicle listings that include video. In fact, 30% of car buyers started shopping soon after watching online video that sparked their desire for a shiny new vehicle. An incredible 60% of them contacted a dealership that same day!

80% of all auto shoppers pursue online videos in their research, and half of all car shoppers watch at least thirty minutes of video during the buying process. Is your dealership engaging customers with great video content?

AutosOnVideo makes it easy and inexpensive for anyone in your dealership to create high quality short walkaround videos that can inspire buyers to action. Simply install AOV on any iPhone (Android coming soon) and within just a few minutes you can record and upload a captivating walkaround video for any vehicle in your inventory.

Drive more sales with AOV — the DIY video car lot software for your smartphone. Contact us today for a demonstration, or buy now from the App Store.

Available on Google Play soon.

For additional information, please contact Tom Gallaher or James Plankey at 940-784-3365